eZee electric bicycles are built with advanced materials and engineering that augments rather than replace the human empathy for movement, bringing back the joy of mobility and giving the world a real, fun and efficient form of transportation.

We love cycling, thereís nothing quite like it and the bicycle has got to be one of mankindís greatest inventions.

eZee electric powered assist cycles takes cycling a step up. Using the latest in technology and engineering, we design our bicycles for an exceptional riding experience.

As a Light Electric Vehicle, eZeebikes are extremely energy and cost efficient (even more than convential cycling!). They are simple, intuitive to use and like regular bicycles require no license or registration.

So whether its a ride to work, a quick trip to the store, or even on long country treks, rediscover all the joy and benefits of cycling with our electric bikes and realize how simple it can be to start a cleaner, greener lifestyle.

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