OHM Cycles Ltd., based in Vancouver, BC, Canada, was created from a desire and curiosity to find a quality built electric assist bicycle. OHMís first line of electric bicycles, the Urban and Sport series, are the result of 5 years of research and testing with the goal to produce purpose built, long-range power on demand bicycles. OHM creates high-performance electric bicycles with the finest quality components.

OHM electric bicycles can be operated as a regular bicycle or in auto assist or generative modes. Adding an intelligent energy management system to the design gives the rider a multitude of options to save time and energy.

Our inspiration for the name OHM comes from the German Physicist, Georg Ohm, who developed an important theory for electrical current. An ohm (Ω) is defined in Ohmís Law as a resistance that produces a potential difference of one volt when a current of one ampere is flowing through it.

OHM was established in August 2005, as a niche supplier of unique, long-range, power on demand electric bicycles and accessories, constantly striving to offer the latest in available technology within our scope of business. Our vision is to manufacture power on demand electric bicycles with exceptional range and features.

OHM. Ride like this.

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