HS 3540 Front Wheel Kit

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Crystalyte HS 3540 Front Wheel Kit:

• HS3540 Front Disc Hub
• 20A Infineon Controller
• Throttle
• Display: eZee LED (standard) or Cycle Analyst (option)

Wheel Size:

The standard wheel size is 26". Other wheel sizes are available at an additional cost. The hub only option is also available at a discounted price.


The standard display is eZee Bike LED Display Console with Custom Firmware for Power Limiting:

The display can be upgraded to the Cycle Analyst, V2.4 Direct Plug-in for Controllers with Direct Drive Hub Motors:

Throttle Option:

The standard kit includes a split grip twist throttle, which works great for most lever shifters. If your bike uses a twist grip shifter, then you would likely want to swap this for a thumb or possibly left side throttle.

We also carry two twist throttle types that have a button built in, which you can press to engage regenerative braking without messing with the existing mechanical brake system. This is a great solution to take advantage of regen if you don't want to replace your existing brake levers.

Controller Option:

The stock kits come with a 20A infineon based motor controller C3620-NC. This gives about 550 watts of output power with a 36V battery pack, and 750 watts when used with a 48V battery. You can get more off-the-line torque by using a higher current limit controller, but you have to make sure you have a battery pack that can deliver those currents. Most of the cheaper Chinese batteries cannot. If you plan to run at more than 48V, then it is essential to upgrade to either the 25A or 40A infineon devices, which use 100V IRFB4110 mosfets.

The two Crystalyte Sensorless controllers allow the hub motor to be driven without the hall signals. This can make the system more robust since a frequent source of trouble with brushless hub motors has been related to the hall signals, either from damage inside the hub or connector/wiring issues on the hall sensor leads. However, they can be a little bit rough when starting from a standstill or at very low speeds, and the Crystalyte enclosure boxes aren't nearly as watertight as the Infineon units.

Item C3620-NCC7225-NC C3635-NC C7240-NC
Battery Range24 - 48V 36 - 72V24 - 48V36 - 72V
Current Limit20 Amps 25 Amps35 Amps40 Amps
Low Voltage Cutoff19V 27V19V27V
WaterproofingGoodGoodGood Good
Max Regen Voltage58V88V 58V88V
Mosfets6x AOT4606 x IRFB411012 x AOT46012x IRFB4110
Dimensions (mm) 110 x 71 x 34110 x 71 x 34154 x 87 x 46154 x 87 x 46
Halls Req'dNoNoNoNo


Torque Arm Option:

A torque arm is recommended for front hub installations that are more than 500 watts (36V with 20 or 25A controller), or for any installation done on aluminum forks. It slides over the non-wire side of the motor axle prevents the axle from spinning out inside the dropouts. The following are the choices:

TorqArm_EZ - Licensed eZee Manufactured Version of Grin Technology Front Torque Arm V2

TorqArm_V2 - Grin Technology Front Torque Arm for Mounting on Forks with Fender Eyelets. Thick 1/4" Stainless Plate

TorqArm_V3 - Grin Technology Front Universal Torque Arm with Double Hose Clamp. Thick 1/4" Stainless Plate

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